Message from Directors

  • Managing Director
  • Group CEO & Managing Director

Message from Managing Director


As the Managing Director of Al Mahad International Construction Co., one of the pioneer business establishments in the country, I look back with great satisfaction at the steady progress and stupendous growth achieved through hard work and right vision. Since its inception, Al Mahad International Construction Co. has diversified its business and reached customers in almost all walks of life. I am greatly satisfied with the large customer base that has been built over these years and I am grateful to all the valuable customers and clients who repose confidence in Al Mahad International Construction Co.

We are what we are because of the challenges we have taken. Today we are proud of our achievement. We will continue our efforts untiringly in order to meet new challenges, as we run an endless race. Every year we will enter a new arena –a new discipline or a new country – and we will reinforce what we have learned from past. We commit ourselves to innovation and excellence to do even better and grow – in size, domain, goodwill and credibility.

From the first project to the multi-disciplined projects today, the customer has remained an Al Mahad International Construction Co. friend for life. My entire, corporate philosophy rests in the realization that this friendship can be achieved by delivering an end product to the customer, which has “Value beyond Money”

Managing Director
Mr. Ahmed Said Ali Al Hilali

Message from Group CEO & Managing Director

Al Mahad International Construction Co. (AMI) is providing Civil, Electro-Mechanical Construction Services to a wide spectrum of clients. The Company has attained prominence as a leader in the field of construction and engineering through competence, competitiveness and timely delivery with highest quality standards and recognized safety performance. We have a long tradition of serving our valued customers to their complete satisfaction through efficient management and excellent workmanship, which we continue to maintain with our untiring efforts.

In an era of advanced technologies and new techniques, we continuously strive for innovation and enhanced efficiency. Offering services spanning a wide range of engineering fields in building constructions, power & water, roads & bridges, oil & gas, sewage systems, marine structures, and industrial and civil infrastructure, Al Mahad International Construction Co. is the preferred choice of many clients because of its reliability and commitment to quality and safety.

The corporate MISSION STATEMENT is “To deliver customer expectations – every time.” and this is supported by its corporate CORE VALUES “Uncompromising commitment to Quality, Safety and Teamwork” and the KEY RESOURCES “Human Endeavor supported by adequate finance and infrastructure”

The corporate vision is “To attain and sustain market leadership position in the fields of Civil & Electro-Mechanical Construction and make positive contributions to the society through development and deployment of local resources.”

The dedicated, committed and motivated team of technocrats, management professionals, engineers, technicians and trained labor force with an uncompromising commitment to quality and safety help Al Mahad International Construction Co. deliver customer satisfaction – every time. The essence of Al Mahad International Construction Co. success is its professionalism.

Group CEO & Managing Director
Mr. Raajuu Suresh